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Some Images from the Las Vegas Strip.

I went for a walk down in the Las Vegas Strip area, I didn't shoot very many images but got some ideas for future walks in that area.

Iksan Korea

While living in Korea, back in 2010, I took the train to The City of Iksan, a farm town in the central east coast region of Korea. When I got there I took a bus out of the city into the countryside, where I spent the day walking an photographing the farm villages.

Old Images from S.F. Fleet Week in 2015

My sister and niece came to visit during Fleet Week in 2015, here are some street images from that week, I'll save the Blue Angle pictures for another post.

Clark County Wet Lands

My son Mike and his family visited this week and we went for a walk together at the Clark County Wet Lands Park.

Back To Lake Elsinore for the Poppy Super Bloom

A few weeks ago my wife and I went to Lake Elsinore to look at the poppies there but it was a bit early and the expected super bloom had not fully happened yet. This week we went back and were not disappointed!